Graphic T-shirt Designs

2020 was a pivotal year for my work. With reduced business due to Covid-19 I decided to go back to my roots. I started my graphic illustration life as a Punk in the early 80s. Illustrating jackets and posters for local bands.

With this in mind I started inking new cartoon ideas. Illustrations that I would like to see featured on a t-shirt. Humorous and characterful I love bright colours and striking images.

By using my Redbubble link at the top you can purchase some of my favourite work. If you are a online store or printer I can sell these designs or create new ones for you to use.

My work can be supplied as a jpg, transparent png, black lineart for screen printing or a vector so you can edit the colours.


The designs featured here can be purchased on license for £50 each. Original art can be created for £60 each. If you want to purchase the copyright for unlimited prints this will cost £120 per design.

You can follow my work on instagram by using @artuscreative or #artuscreative as well as on facebook. Search Scott Artus or artuscreative and like my page to keep up to date.

I'm a friendly approachable artist who would love to chat, so contact me to see if I can help you. I have 30 years print experience, ink is in my veins and I love printed artwork.


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